A Sensible Approach to Lawn Care Since 1975
George Hass, Jr
Sherry Hass
Tim Hass
George Hass, Jr

     George has been the owner of Liqua-Dry Lawn Care since 1975.  He continues to enjoy what he does!  George loves growing grass and he loves a lawn challenge!  To him, taking a "problem lawn" and turning it into an "admired lawn" is what makes working 38 years worthwhile.
     George is happier being outside.  He has a good rapport with people and a way of helping them understand the situation with their lawns and explaining their options.  George "recommends" but the final decision is up to the customer, as it is their lawn.  He treats each customer's lawn as if it were his own.
     George and Sherry,  who have been married since 1969, own two acres in the country and George is constantly improving their lawn as well as "trying out new products" on their own lawn areas.  He believes that he must first understand what the product can and cannot do before he is willing to use it on any customer's lawn.
     For four years, George taught Master Gardners' classes in Bloomington, Indiana.  He enjoyed sharing his knowledge with them.
     Liqua-Dry Lawn Care is a seasonal business so Geroge has two months off.  He keeps active these two months by snow skiing.  For years, George was a member of the National Ski Patrol and was a Ski Patroller.  Today, he is no longer a member as he chooses to have more time to actually ski.
     When the weather permits, George also loves fishing.  He owns an aluminum fishing boat and has even made his own fishing lures.
     George is also a Grandad to a 7 year old gradnson.  He has taught his grandson to ski and is teaching him to ice skate.  They enjoy doing things together and his grandson is already being taught about the lawn care business and loves driving the equipment with his Grandad sitting behind him.