A Sensible Approach to Lawn Care Since 1975
George Hass, Jr
Sherry Hass
Tim Hass
Sherry Hass

     Sherry, along with her husband, George, has owned Liqua-Dry Lawn Care since 1975.  She has always enjoyed working outside, especially in her own yard and flower beds, and living in a country home in Bloomington, Indiana.  Sherry is a "people" person.  This ability has been an asset when speaking with customers on the phone or in person.  She is very organized and has the Liqua-Dry office set up for maximum efficiency.
     Sherry loves reading and crafting.  She has taught her 7 year old grandson to use his creativity while designing original crafts.  Sherry has her own workshop and her grandson has his own workspace in this workshop.  Together, they laugh a lot as well as come up with many different items to give as gifts or sell.
     Sherry and George are both "pet" people and they now have two cats.  At one time, they owned eleven cats...most of them "inherited" from their country neighbors, two dogs, and a hamster.  That was an interesting time!
     Sherry takes pride in making sure that each customer is informed through accurate and timely invoices, phone calls, and newsletters written by George, Tim and her.
     Today, Sherry continues to enjoy being part of this Family-Owned Business known as Liqua-Dry Lawn Care.