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George Hass, Jr
Sherry Hass
Tim Hass
Tim Hass

     Tim grew up in the Liqua-Dry Lawn Care Family Business with his mom, dad, and brother.  He has always enjoyed being outside best. Tim continues to enjoy working with his hands, solving problems, and figuring out better ways of doing things.  Together, he and his dad, George, work well together and get things done faster and better.
     Tim is an avid Bass Fisherman, and has won many fishing tournaments. (Fortunately, most of these are on the weekend.)  He also designs and makes his own fishing lures which he uses in these fishing tournaments.
     Tim lives in Bloomington, Indiana, with his wife and 7 year old son.  Tim enjoys working in his own yard.  His son is learning this skill by working side by side with his dad.
     Growing up in the business, Tim is very experienced in all the services that Liqua-Dry Lawn Care provides.  One day, Liqua-Dry Lawn Care will belong to Tim.  It will continue to be a Family-Owned Business serving Monroe County.