A Sensible Approach to Lawn Care Since 1975
Our History

     Liqua-Dry Lawn Care was begun in 1975 by husband and wife, George and Sherry Hass, who still own and run the company today. George came up with the name Liqua-Dry Lawn Care: "Liqua" because we apply "liquid" herbicide, "Dry" because we apply "dry" fertilizer, and the "Lawn Care" because we "care for your lawn as if it were ours."

     When Liqua -Dry began in 1975, there were many mowing companies in Monroe County but only a handful of actual lawn care companies. George and Sherry both agreed that they wanted Liqua-Dry Lawn Care to be a family owned and run business. George did the free estimates and lawn care work and Sherry became the office manager, and both continue in these positions today.

     As of 2013, they are beginning their 38th year as a "Family-Owned Business" serving homeowners in Monroe County.  Many of the Liqua-Dry Lawn Care customers have been with them for 26 years or more!

     George and Sherry have two sons, Tim and Chris. Both boys "grew up in the business" and also learned the trade by helping out as soon as each was old enough. Today, Tim works full-time for the business. (One day, this Family-Owned Business will belong to him!)