A Sensible Approach to Lawn Care Since 1975
Liqua-Dry Lawn Care

Since it's inception in 1975, Liqua-Dry Lawn Care has continously served Monroe County and it's homeowners with the very best in lawn care service.  Liqua-Dry Lawn Care achieves this in the following ways:
  • Liqua-Dry Lawn Care gives FREE Estimates
  • Liqua-Dry Lawn Care is fully insured.
  • Liqua-Dry Lawn Care is a member of the IPLLA (Indiana Professional Lawn & Landscape Association.)
  • Both George & Tim have current Indiana Applicators Licenses. (These licenses are awarded ONLY after passing rigid tests administered by Purdue University.)
  • Liqua-Dry Lawn Care sends out "at least" two newsletters a year to it's customers in order to keep them up to date.  George, Sherry & Tim write these newsletters together. Sherry works them up on the computer, runs them off, and mails them out.
  • Liqua-Dry Lawn Care work is done by both George and Tim, which gives both of them the opportunity to know and understand the individual needs of your lawn.
Contact George, Sherry, or Tim today for a FREE estimate to begin receiving the personalized service that can make your lawn the very best that it can be.